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Our brand Makimaja stands for children/baby articles with the special extra! Our baby slings are made of organic cotton. The best thing to do is to stop by and have a look!

ProDarts is our brand for sport & leisure. We convince our customers every day with high-quality darts. Convince yourself of our dartboards and surrounds.

Smartpeas stands for simple things that simplify everyday life. Among other things, we offer child seat pads that save the view of dirty upholstered/leather seats in the car.

we are connecting the world with our brands

worldwide scouring, production, logistics & sales

5 Steps to success

1. Data

We love data! Our first step is to collect all information we can get. While analyizing we find the most interesting things

2. Sourcing

borderless we are looking for suppliers around the world. We search for the best qualities and cooperations. we always finding the needle in the haystack!

3. Production

We make things better! We keep optimizing our products and productions processes every day. Customer value and quality are key.

4. Logistic

we own our logistics! As complicated as it might get, we provide the correct product in the correct quantity, qualit & time

5. Sales

Also we love sales, of course! We are highly data and performance driven, we sell online as well as in bricks and mortar.

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