our mission is to find new products and good business ideas

Turn the light on! We combine severals ideas to create sucessfull products. ww & friends started 2016 with only one small product. Protecting cards with RFID Chips against hacking. Now we have 3 strong brands, over 10 Products and thousends of satisfied customers. Right know we use a coworking space to think free, start-ups from around the world sitting next to each other, working on the next big thing. ww & friends using the logistics from Amazon FBA and our logistics partners to create in the world, selling at europe.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

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Lukas Kuroczik
Lukas KuroczikProduct & Business Development Manager
Saskia Wolze
Saskia WolzeExecutive Assistant
Yvonne HövelmansProduct & Business Development Manager

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Julian Winkler
Julian WinklerFounder & Managing Director
Tom Wiese
Tom WieseFounder & Managing Director

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