Projekt Beschreibung

Project Brief

Makimaja is a baby brand for young and modern parents. The discerning mothers and fathers will get satisfied with our high-quality standards and will fall in love with the cute design and the lovely packaging.



Conceptual Design Samples

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Product Status

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Highest comfort

We only choose the best fabrics for our baby sling. The soft cotton lets the baby feel comfortable and save. However, the bi-elasticity of the material will give enough flexibility so that the development of the baby will be perfectly supported.

Large color portfolio

The baby sling is not only a very useful support. With our five colors and many different print options, it becomes a beautiful accessory, too.

Perfect gift

With our baby sling, you will receive a free storage bag and a cute baby bib, all packed in a beautiful gift box – designed with love.

Strong Brand

Makimaja is est. in 2018 and is the Top 1 Product in several market places. The reason is simple: high quality, a cheap prize and some amazing new ideas get us up to the charts.

Makimaja is still in progress and will be a brand for many new baby products!

Product Manager

You have a question about the product or wanna order for your shop? Feel Free to contact our Product Manager

Ms. Ann-Kathrin W.